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Advanced Rehabilitation Clinics of Texas provides quality chiropractic care in the greater Houston area. When you suffer an injury, accident, pain, or other health problem, chiropractic care offers you the relief and stability you are seeking.

Chiropractic always focuses on the cause of the problem to solve the condition to provide permanent relief to the patient.
If you want to reach optimum health and peak performance levels regardless of your age and provide healthy,
drug-free solutions
for your children and family.



Acute versus Chronic Pain

Acute pain is sudden in onset.It could be a broken bone or an injured nerve. Chronic pain, by contrast is a long-developing condition, such as osteoporosis or degenerative joint disease.

What is Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that specializes in treating the body’s muscles, bones, nerves and joints focusing on injuries and conditions affecting the human body and it’s functioning and always addressing the underline cause. Chiropractic provides healthy drug-free and non-invasive solutions for the whole family regardless of age.

Holistic Versus Allopath

There are two major philosophical differences between allopathic medicine and holistic, “alternative” medicine: … Allopathic medicine treats the disease, not the individual, whereas holistic approach is to treat the cause not the symptom.

What is Manipulation

Spinal manipulation, also called spinal manipulative therapy or manual therapy, is a technique used by chiropractors to relieve pressure on the joints, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function. This method corrects bodily imbalances and ultimately restores health.

Benefits of Chiropractic

    • Specializes in treating the body’s muscles, bones, nerves and joints
    • Improve neck, back, and chronic pain
    • Reduces dependence on opioid pain relievers
    • Reduces sciatic nerve pain caused by nerve injuries or compressed (pressed) nerves
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Differences between Bulge Disc and Herniated Disc

The main difference, a Herniated disks are also called ruptured disks, a crack affects the small area in the tough outer layer of cartilage and it irritates the nerve and causes pain. Compared to a bulging disk, it is more of a protuberance likely to push against the outer layer of cartilage without a crack. But, it can affect and sometimes irritate the nerve roots.

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